2003 | ASI, Bangalore
Reconnaissance survey and detailed inventory of Chitradurga Fort | Karnataka, India
Chitradurga Fort spread over six miles radius, is a fortified complex over rock hill terrain. The site is spotted with two lakes and several water ponds, around which most of the structures are located. The fort features royal and religious structures, with main emphasis on building elements for defense purposes.

The Chitradurga fort in northern Karnataka is a 14th century for built by the Nayikars on rough terrain hill with the fort wall covering a radius of roughly 6 miles. There are many royal and religious
  structures within the fort enclosure made in mud or stone and is a potential archeological site.
The fort encloses many structures, palatial halls, water bodies, temples and most important of all the military architectural elements like high stone walls in encircling layers, the large bastions providing a all around view of the city are far fetch areas below. One of the other unique features of the fort is its gate and gateways, providing a grand access to each of the special structures within different layers of fortification.
The project was geared towards maintenance, financial planning and conservation strategy for the upkeep of the fort. As it was on the international tourist circuit, the facilities in terms of lighting, landscaping and infrastructure were required to be defined.

For the structures within the fort- new inventories were designed with the help of initial survey, with the categorization of the building in terms of its function, architectural features and dating. The structures were also analyzed for the kind of surrounding it was set-in and its effect on the structure.
  The listing and inventories format of the fort of Chitradurga was geared to provide basic information on the condition of all the structures to instrument restoration process.

Project scope included:
1. Lead and manage a team of six architects and conservation consultants.
2. Guide the team and coordinate on-site documentation and develop inventorying system depending upon complexities of the site.
3. Generate a report including the architectural sketches, inventories and analysis of the observation about the site conditions.


Area Topology

Granary Area 

Granaries within Royal precints


Bastion over a rock