2004 | INTACH, Pune
Listing and inventory of heritage structures | Pune, India
Pune is among the fast growing urban development near Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Its history dates back to the period of the Peshwa rulers and much before, nearly 10th century. Heritage of the city is comprised of dense city core with traditional housing or the “Wada” and the colonial part with palatial Indo-sarsenic style bungalows. Institutional buildings, colonial bungalows and palaces constitute the urban heritage of the city.   The initial count of the heritage-graded structures was around 331 and eight natural sites. The main aim of the project was visual documentation, along with its status and regarding the structures, depending upon set criteria defined by historic data and study. INTACH national chapter has formulated the listing format; this format is used by documentation experts for documentation of heritage sites and structures all over the country.
The structures of the Pune city were categorized area wise within defined zones and style of architecture. The standard inventory format used by ‘INTACH’ for documentation where customized for specifics of the city. The listing and inventories format were designed to accommodate information about historical facts, art, architectural style and detailing, materials used and its resources. The chronology of the function and type of use the structure is used for and its ownership status. These factors were also considered to determine the importance of the structure or for grading purposes.

The project not only required a lot of research on the history of the city development, but also, physical data gathering exercise. Hence, the project was divided into several sections depending upon areas
  or pockets of heritage structures to ease the task; this division would further be utilized to define the heritage zones of the city.

Project scope included:
1. To improvise the inventory format used for general listing by the
    central INTACH chapter to suit the specific requirement of the
    Pune City.
2. To update the existing heritage listing that was last carried out in
    the year 1998.
3. To provide inventory data sheets with filled authentic information
    and Architectural sketch.

Images (left to right)

Temple complex of Shinde Chattri

Congregation Hall of Shinde Chattri

Aga Khan Palace

Raste Wada, community-housing complex

Lal Deval, Cathedral