2004 | KSTDC, Karnataka
Conservation Report on Ritz Hotel | Krishna Raj Sagar, Mysore
The structure is an art deco building located within the Vrindavan Gardens along the KRS dam of Mysore, Karnataka in India. The project report was geared at revitalization of the hotel, which was abandoned for over ten year and put to reuse as hotel to be run by tourism department.   Structural stability was the main issue along with planning of new modern function with minimum changes to the structure was a great challenge.
Project scope included:
1. Architectural documentation of the structure.
2. Physical survey of the structure, recording, testing and analysis of the structural condition of the structure.
3. Restoration Plan for the building and its surroundings.
4. Suggesting possible intervention to accommodate modern functioning of the structure.

Images (left to right)


South facing gallery 1+2

Front view of the building

Ground floor plan

Upper floor plan

Window details